Uninspired – Tutorial Part 1

In this tutorial I will learn you how to make this wallpaper.

TIP: Click on the images to see at high resolution.

Part II here.

First you need to create the question mark, so you need to go to splines/text.

Type “?” in text box, with a Calibri (bold) font.

Put the text in a extrude NURBS with setting from the image.

Make the NURBS editable (press C on the keyboard) and go to selection/RING selection.

Select how you see in the image and “Inner extrude-it” with this settings.

With the same selection make a extrude.

We need to set the selection. Go to selection set selection, rename-it RED.

Put the Extrude NURBS under a HyperNURB (Catmull-Clark)

Create a new text, type uninspired (Calibri/Regular)

Put the text under a extrude.

Create a floor, put it under the question mark.


Texture from  Cinema4D Library /Materials/Basic/Tex….

Assign the materials as you see in this image.

Red material – to the red selection of the question mark.
Black material – to the rest of the question mark.
Grey material – to the floor and the “uninspired” text.

Render The scene.

If you use the tutorial please put the link from  my blog or my deviantart. Good Luck!

3 comments on “Uninspired – Tutorial Part 1

  1. Lou Borella says:

    Why did you put the question mark in a HyperNurb?
    When is the second part coming?

    thanks for the post
    Lou …

    • speedyroby says:

      I put it because looks smoother.
      I think tomorrow or tuesday I will put the part 2 with the rendering and lighting.

      Thanks for the comment.

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